I bought a 20k mile C Class Mercedes from a main dealer in Brighton. Within 2 months of ownership, the brakes and discs all needed replacing. Mercedes UK claimed the parts were consumables and are therefore not covered under the warranty even though the car only had done 20k miles. The dealership finally replaced the fronts after 5 months of complaining but has refused to replace the rear. I also had issues over the alleged mileage on the car and the claimed servicing on the vehicle. Mercedes UK behaves like a back street dealer and refused to help. Jeremy ** claimed that Mercedes had improved their after sales, I strongly disagree.

At 2AM after being off for nearly 10 hours, the passenger seat of my 2007 GL450 caught on fire in my garage, nearly catching the house on fire and killing my dogs who were in the garage with the car. I reported this to Mercedes (MBUSA) and asked that they inspect the car because this was clearly a defect. The internet is littered with stories/complaints of GL450 seats catching on fire (Google GL450 fire). They said they would inspect it. After much prying, they never did an inspection. A friend with a GL450 called Mercedes to ask about these events that are on the internet that I had forwarded to her. They told her that no one had ever submitted a formal complaint on this, that they had never heard of that and she should not worry.

This companys disregard for the lives of the people that buy their vehicles is appalling. You buy these cars because you think they are safe, yet when the company has been contacted on numerous occasions about a defect that has the potential to kill people, the company does nothing to fix the problem and lies to customers saying they have never heard of a GL450 catching on fire. Its as if they dont think we can search for things on the internet. I will never trust Mercedes again. I cannot believe they knowingly leave these cars on the road with seat heater defects that are literally like bombs going off when the car is unattended in a garage. This company has no respect for human life.

You reviewed in the last week Quality Poor to Fair Appeal, Poor to Fair Service, Poor to Fair. I was very displeased with my last two services. Last time, they left three bolts out of the pan causing a rattle and a bolt out of the center brace at the top center rear of the engine. This is a brace that you would remove to change the air filters. On the service done today, the service rep Barry told my wife she needed $8,000 worth of repairs and she had him call me. I asked Barry what needed to be repaired. He said, "For starters, you havent had your transmission serviced in 40000 miles." I said, "Are you sure?" He said according to his records and the service department records, it had not been serviced.

Well Barry, I have a bill here that said I had the transmission serviced the last time I was there. He told me I had a serious oil leak at the oil cooler. In the last 10000 miles, the oil did not drop as much as a fraction of a quart. I normally wash my own car, check my oil and keep the area under the hood spotlessly clean. If I had all the oil leaks that he told me I had, I would notice. I will now take my car to one of the best transmission specialist I know and see if they really serviced my transmission last time. I have another Mercedes Benz that I have had for 27 years that was purchased at Snyders when they had the dealership and then I paid for the transmission to be serviced four times over the years and twice at Carlton in Greenville, SC. The transmission failed and I found out that that transmission had never been serviced once even though I have service records to prove that I had.

I thought I had finally found an honest MB dealer in Mercedes of South Charlotte but I am pretty sure there is no such thing as an honest MB dealer. It is impossible to send your wife to have a car serviced and expect a fair deal. Its not an issue of money as I can certainly afford what I want. I am just tired of being ripped off. I met the owner and his son and I was really impressed that I had found a dealer I could trust but I can tell you now, run, run as fast as you can away from an MB dealer. They thrive off of wealthy people that have more money than brains. My phone number is ** and my name is Carson **. Call me if you want to know how I really feel.

I am writing this letter to state my displeasure with having to replace the front rotors on my 2011 Mercedes E350 Blutec with only 30,584 miles. This is our fifth Mercedes starting in 2007 with an E320, a C320, E320 CDI, CLK350 and the current E350 Blutec. Each car was driven about 15,000 miles per year by both drivers, averaging 70% highway, 30% local. We have never had any problem with brakes, rotors or anything in that area. Our current Mercedes E350 Blutec has the sport package. On September 12, 2012, we had the front right tire replaced because we hit a pot hole that ruptured the sidewall of the tire. The tire was replaced by Quirk Mercedes of Bangor Maine, mileage 26,375.